Technical Articles

Following are technical articles to address some special features in RingStor Enterprise private cloud backup.

Add NAS as Local Backup Folder

This document specifies steps to use NAS to store local backup data.

Add NAS as MountPath in Cloud

This document specifies steps to add a new NAS into cloud as MountPath for backup.

Add New Client to Cloud Backup

This document specifies steps to add a new client into cloud for backup.

Backup to Public Cloud

How to enable and setup DataAgent to backup data to Amazon S3, Azure public cloud storage.

Backup UNC Path

UNC path can be from NAS device, or any network shared path.

Backup via SSL Connection

Document provides steps to configure RingStor for backup via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection for enhanced security.

Base Line Backup

RingStor base line backup may be used in following scenario: DataSet’s first full backup is large in size, and Network speed between DataAgent and Cloud is limited or not be used to transmit large amount of data.

Cloud Components Update

RingStor Cloud can be updated by running the proper installers with update option. This document specifies steps to update all cloud components in RingStor Cloud.

Change Local Backup Destination

Local backup destination is used by DataAgent to save backup data. This location can be an local folder or UNC path provided DataAgent has full access to the location.

DataAgent Auto Update

RingStor DataAgent auto update enables automatic software update for Windows, Linux and ChromeOS DataAgents.

File Sync

RingStor Enterprise supports file synchronization among all DataAgent platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac and ChromeOS.

Move Local Backup DataSets to DataAgent

In case a server failed due to corrupted OS or no longer exists, DataAgent is not able to come online. Follow the steps below to move this DataAgent’s local backup data to a different online DataAgent at the same network.

Multi-Tenancy in RingStor Cloud

RingStor Cloud is a multi-tenant cloud backup system. Each tenant is represented by a Community in RingStor Cloud. Each community has its own administrator login, agent users, file versioning and retention, etc

MySQL Backup Checklist

Some configuration in MySQL is required in order for RingStor to connect and backup MySQL database.

Office 365 Mailbox

This document provides detailed information for Office 365 mailbox backup and restore in RingStor Enterprise software suite.

Restore Point of Time

Files can be restored to most recent version in cloud, or to a specific point of time

Scheduled Reports

This document specifies steps to schedule a report and have the report emailed and delivered to selected users.

VMware Backup Check List

This document specifies steps to backup VMware virtual machines.