RingStor Enterprise 7.0


Complete Private Cloud Backup and Recovery Software Solution

RingStor Enterprise consists of three parts, RingStor Vault, RingStor Explorer and RingStor DataAgent.

RingStor Vault

RingStor Vault is cloud side of RingStor Enterprise and consists of three components that can be deployed on either all Microsoft Windows or all Linux systems: Cloud End Point, Cloud Indexer and DataServer. DataServer can be installed on multiple servers to add backup and restore power to the vault.

Vault on Windows Vault on Linux

Need help to deploy on Windows? Check out: Install RingStor Vault on Windows
Need help to deploy on Linux? Check out: Install RingStor Vault on Linux

RingStor Explorer

RingStor Explorer is a windows desktop user interface for all levels of users to manage their own backup and restore.

RingStor DataAgent

RingStor DataAgent is an agent software that can be installed on client's system, a computer or a virtual machine, and backup data to RingStor Vault.

Need help to install? Check out: Install RingStor DataAgent