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Deduplication is the method of removing duplicate data copies. It is a data compression technique. A deduplication software tool searches for and identifies redundancies before deleting them. This secure process leaves a single instance of the data while reducing storage capacity requirements. With deduplication, you improve efficiency and significantly decrease the time for data backups.

RingStor supports both file-level deduplication and block-level deduplication. Each method has its own set of rules and protocols. File-level deduplication analyzes an entire fire to generate a hash (or hashing algorithm). The hash compiles metrics about the files, such as file size and timestamp. This information helps the algorithm locate duplicate files.

With block-level duplication, the file content is sliced into fixed-sized or varied-size data blocks. After creating a hash, the software looks for identical blocks of data, which uncovers duplicate files. The software then builds links to these duplicate blocks for removal.

RingStor’s private cloud backup solutions let you easily schedule deduplication just as you can schedule backups.