RingStor Enterprise

Synology, Qnap Support

NAS (network attached storage) devices are servers that connect to computer networks and provide data storage for each computer. With Synology or Qnap, two popular vendors of NAS devices, you can quickly, affordably, and conveniently backup digital assets.

There are several advantages to using NAS devices. The device is flexible. You can use it for local backups, offsite backups to a remote location, or private cloud backups. NAS is cost-efficient because you can use the device as both a backup and storage system.

RingStor supports both vendors’ products. Our backup software agent can be installed directly on Synology or Qnap NAS devices. By using RingStor, your organization does not need new hardware or software.

With our backup software, RingStor can backup, store, and secure millions of files on NAS devices in a timely manner. The streamlined processes mean that we don’t utilize large amounts of memory or CPU which can slow down your network.