RingStor Enterprise


OpenStack is an open-source infrastructure platform for developing, implementing, and managing private (and public) backup clouds. As a cloud computing system, this infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) technology allows enterprise to backup and store large volumes of data with the option of integrating with other vendor products for seamless interoperability.

RingStor utilizes the computing power of OpenStack as the backbone for the creation of unique and customized cloud backup solutions for customers. We use software that can backup vast amounts of volumes quickly – such as petabyte volumes at up to 2 terabytes per hour. Thousands of instances can run on OpenStack concurrently. A 20-terabyte volume backup should be completed within a day. However, with most existing backup software, it takes almost one week to complete the backup of a 20TB volume.

OpenStack provides a plethora of service solutions for the cloud. As an industry leader, OpenStack’s flexibility, scalability, monitoring, and security measures help organizations to meet all computing requirements. It’s the perfect compute, network, and storage resource for RingStor’s customers.