RingStor Enterprise

Proven Scalability

Scalability is one of the hallmarks of cloud computing systems. The RingStor private cloud backup solution has proven scalability. With our US-patented technology, our cloud computing supports 5000+ concurrent backups at a partner’s site, starting at any size and quickly adapting to changing backup, storage, and recovery requirements.

Our private cloud backup solutions provide seamless scalability on-demand, allowing organizations to easily scale up or scale down depending on their immediate needs. Because scalability happens fast, there is usually little to no downtime or disruptions of services.

Cloud scalability is made possible with virtualization. Virtual machines are flexible, so they can increase or decrease cloud resources at any time. Scalability helps businesses and organizations stay competitive and agile.

Benefits of Cloud Scalability

  • Cost-effectiveness – avoid the expense of buying physical hardware
  • Speed – update quickly
  • Ease of Use – just a few clicks needed
  • Convenience – cloud computing makes data backup and storage easier
  • Disaster Recovery – reduce costs by eliminating additional data centers

RingStor implements its private cloud backup solution on a partner’s site, providing proven scalability, expert data management, and security for your organization’s digital assets.